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Malcolm Thompson - Marketing Consultant, Coach, Environmentalist


About Me

How I Serve My Clients

You need more clients - You are not achieving market penetration - You struggle to make sales - Potential clients have difficulty in differentiating your product or service from the competition - You find it hard to close the sale - You are lacking client commitment - I can help you solve these issues

I am passionate about the global environment. Plus I have a wealth of marketing experience from my work with both corporates and new start ups in organics and main stream products & services. 

I have over 30 years of knowledge in solutions, planning and delivering objectives.  

I concentrate in helping clients who's products and services are environmentally and ethically directed to the good of the planet. I provide them with the tools that deliver Concise Market Research - Strategy Development - Route To Market & Sales Cycle Planning 

Acorn To Oak Tree

With my one to one guidance policy I can quickly understand your ideas and the project you envisage. Sound marketing strategies create momentum for your business. Delivering secure platforms for growth within available resources is what I do.

Gain Real Advantage From My Experience

Some of the business sectors I have been involved with include: Telecommunications - Business Hardware & Software - Tourism - Organic Pharmaceuticals - Organic Food Waste Management - Food Products - Plus a range of Direct Marketing Projects & Consultative Roles with New Start Ups,  New Products & Service Lines

An Insight to What I Do

Are You Ready To Take Your Share Of The $2.5 Trillion Sustainable Market

Are you willing to take the next step?  Are you ready to increase your profits and sales? To achieve your objectives and all your business goals?  
If you are ready, I can help you achieve these results. My job is to get you where you want to be, faster.

A 2017 study asked 20,000 adults from five countries how their sustainability concerns impact their choices in-store and at home. Crucially, it then mapped their claims against real purchase decisions, giving a more accurate picture than ever of what people are actually buying – and why.  It confirmed the public’s high expectations of brands when it comes to having a positive social and environmental impact, the study’s findings uncovered an unprecedented opportunity for companies that get it right. More than one in five (21%) of the people surveyed said they would actively choose brands if they made their sustainability credentials clearer on their packaging and in their marketing. This represents a potential untapped opportunity of $966 billion out of a $2.5 trillion total sustainable market. 

During the past thirty years I have worked with numerous companies in an array of business sectors, where I have helped them improve their market share. I have learnt the formula for business growth and expansion. With this proven know-how I can help your business grow and create efficiencies to deliver greater profits and greater sales momentum.   

The Knowledge & How To Apply It With Evironmental Advantage

Providing the knowledge you need is not a theory or some kind of secret formula. My knowledge is built on experience, making it effective and something you can apply immediately to your business.

The impact of both regional and international environmental groups on public opinion has been huge over recent years. Utilising the data and support from such groups is so often missed as part of a sound marketing strategy. I can tailor strategy so it relates to your current and continuing situation.  
Knowledge is fairly useless without action and getting a marketing structure set up in the correct sequence is paramount. Each step needs a deadline to keep the process focused and on track. Working together I will track your progress to ensure you hit your goals and objectives.

Understanding & Purpose Driving Eco, Organic & Ethical into your bottom line

At the start I get a full understanding of where your business is at. Then together we will examine a series of options that may best suite your individual needs. I will be able to help you fine tune these options to ensure you take the fastest track forward.  
  My purpose is not just to increase your sales and market share, these are important objectives but also my objective is to create and plan a strategy that provides sales momentum without stress. 

 2017 UK – A new international study reveals that a third of consumers (33%) are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. The study reveals a third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. An estimated €966 billion opportunity exists for brands that make their sustainability credentials clear.      
  When my consultancy is completed, the insight received and the knowledge I share with you will benefit you for years to come. You deserve to get the rewards of your hard work and my purpose is to show you exactly how to achieve it. 


Struggling With Sales - Beat The Competition

There is a formula to increasing sales. The thing that separates you from success is consistently focusing on what works. My methods take a common sense approach. The key is following a proven method, not trying to reinvent the wheel. Generally, when I speak to a business owner, within thirty minutes I can see exactly why a business is struggling. I can identify the weak links and start the process to provide effective results. 

Creating and defining product value is far more important than its pricing.

You Want Guidance Independent Experienced Unbias Contribution

Life as business owner can be lonely, even when you have staff and colleagues around you. It is often not possible to talk to them about the pressing issues that matter to you. Whilst your spouse or friends may offer support they do not have the experience to guide you. What you need is a mentor, someone who has done it, who understands the challenges and frustrations that go with business. You need someone who is not judgemental, someone who points you in the right direction, who shows you a proven path, so you can move forward with confidence. That is my role.  
  A slight word of warning, I am not a soft option. I want to get you results fast and this can be a challenge in pulling you through your own limiting beliefs, of what you previously thought possible. These are doubts that we all have, its why even the best professionals need a coach. A good coach will always see the next objective and will guide and push you to achieve it.    

Differentiating Yourself From The Competition – Discounting – Making The Close – Client Commitment

These are common problems and can be dealt with. The key issue is you want more customers. When you achieve the relevant client numbers you become less vulnerable to discounting requests. Customers sense your confidence and realise they might miss out. There are other elements I can teach you to create higher demand for your products and services. 

Customers often undervalue organic or ethically  made produce. They know the benefits but there is often a lack of intensity in the marketing message. As an example, If you grow and sell organic produce educate the customer as to the evidence of how much carcinogenic herbicide is found in 'non' organic produce. Exploit the competitions negatives to your products, positive advantage. Be bold, be brave...

Issues mainly occur when vital elements of the sales cycle process are missed.  I can pin point why and where this is happening. Creating high demand for your products or services is a major factor and this in its self will often solve the problem of slow client commitment and difficulty in closing sales.  


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